Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7

Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7.

The analysis of the Sony A77 SLT like NEX-7 Spec around every account , whether it is a sensor or dent any ISO that has not afflicted me as abundant as this helped. Is accessible up to 1600 with a resolution that tries to charge in a baby sensor . Babble does not accomplish a accord for the NEX-7 , but I accept to say , absolute strange. Because the files are from 1600 , it still did not attending absolutely acceptable . Babble in the caliginosity to be out for some time .

The ISO can do two types of custom and Auto we can accept from 100 to 16,000 , but baddest Auto , the camera will set the ambit from 100 to 1,600 of the tests on the angel at 100% Babble starts to be seen. added accessible at ISO 1600 and steadily added in absolute applications if anyone adulatory to use it to set the ISO JPEG images should not beat 1600.

 Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7

Beginners Tip: ISO is to access the ISO acuteness of the camera I acclimated to shoot in low ablaze makes a absolute apathetic bang acceleration can not be captivated by hand. Added by adjusting the ISO acuteness up to the college bang acceleration but the top ISO images are too base colorant accepted as noise.

The DRO / Auto HDR.

In photography, lighting is the ablaze force . (Eg 10:00 to 14:00 ) Angel adverse can be abiding . The adverse of ablaze and adumbration are absolute The abridgement of detail in the angel blaze and adumbration .

The DR (Dynamic Range) to retrieve the data . In ablaze ablaze or in adumbration to appear out to see . It is a amount of accessory adjustments WB ever.

DRO (Dynamic Ambit Option).

Dynamic Ambit Control will accumulate the camera functions can be set to Auto or ambience the DRO own. Scalable from Level 1 – 5.

(Menu> Britghtness / Color> DRO / Auto HDR> DRO> Press Option (Soft Key B) to baddest Auto or Level 1-5).

HDR (High Dynamic Range).

The cutting of three altered images with altered lighting ( I Over Under) and bound brought the three angel processing to abstract the angel detail up to commutual . Whether it’s a abundant altered ablaze . ( This address is so continued as it is done with a computer Software ) can be set to Auto or Custom from Level 1 – 6 to use it to clothing the lighting altitude . I fabricated ​​two videos , the camera angel is the aboriginal angel and the additional is the HDR OFF HDR images by absence .

You . Accessible alone JPEG files alone if you baddest a RAW or RAW + JPEG photos can not use this action on the anchor for good.

(Menu> Britghtness / Color> DRO / Auto HDR> HDR> Press Option (Soft Key B) to baddest Auto or HDR 1-6).

Beginners Tip: Beginners Tip: Dynamic Ambit (DR) is to bottle the angel data in absolute aphotic or ablaze areas are . The abridgement of data . Because of the aberration in the absolute cutting of the two credibility that are absolute diff in admeasurement appear , it is difficult to admeasurement in the ablaze to get the ablaze in the average amid Absolute ablaze and absolute aphotic locations of the aforementioned image. To accord the ablaze amid aphotic and ablaze zones in the image, and again adapted into the data in the aphotic is not acceptable in the ablaze , it ‘s airy to the DR will detail in aphotic and ablaze out. Included in all colors as well. If the camera has some weaknesses that red is taken up as a red collapsed no data of what is DR RED camera is not acceptable . If there is a aberration amid aphotic and ablaze in the account , it should set the DR top , but if there are at atomic a little , but if the DR is too top the account will attending flat, no adverse , if the DR is too low, it will . can not see the data in absolute aphotic or absolute ablaze . Should be set to clothing .

Let’s see the DRO Off VS DRO Auto VS HDR Auto.

I shoot with a accomplishments leaves the building. The aberration amid the two credibility breadth the ablaze metering this If addition one is lost. I wanna see the sun in the afternoon , I will try the DRO and HDR images to see which one is over the angel to see the data abutting DRO aphotic leaves no detail to annihilation . Again about-face on DRO Auto beginning after-effects are abundant in the aphotic has appear to be apparent added and the architecture will be lit up . If I switched to the HDR Auto Show images that accept little detail in the aphotic accomplishments architecture itself is absolute ablaze . Again it was taken abroad from DRO 1-5 and HDR 1-6 look.


Mode of operation of the arrangement in the SONY NEX-7 focus is said to be of a absolute avant-garde appearance with a best of arena 5 .

1. Face Detection Face Tracking Arrangement . Can baddest a face or faces to be adored in the camera to face the a lot of important .

2. Article Tracking , the camera will chase the called article . Whether the article is affective appear you . The camera will focus as able-bodied

3. Multi -focus sensor in the NEX-7 with 25 points, if we use this Approach and the camera will focus the abounding 25 points, and the angel area. By allotment to focus on abutting capacity first.

4. Center axial focus sensor camera will focus on the average image.

5. Flexible Spot Sets the focus by itself. We can move the focus point in the angel by selecting the adapted focus point with the joystick on the camera .

Face Detection.

Face Detection the camera can abduction a face to the Face Recognition Function.

Open this card to plan with it.

(Menu> Camera> Rec> Face Recog> On).

You . Would use this to accessible the Focus Approach Multi afore I was me .

(Menu> Camera> Autofocus Area> Multi).

Face Detection Arrangement , the camera will baddest the face itself.

Faces Regist.

It will again focus on the face . Can aswell be ordered with a accurate focus on the face . Perfect time to wish to yield anyone appropriate . I abhorrence that I will focus on . I like to yield my Big Red . I abhorrence that the focus on dancers instead. Do you or anyone to yield the date at the school. I abhorrence that the camera will focus on the added being instead. This approach can help. But I accept to be accurate that you do not accept a timberline .

Peaking Level & Lens Manual Focus.

Current camera NEX is absolute accepted for those who adopt the lenses Manual adaptation is acclimated to affix the Adaptor Converter ar lens is lens Nikon Ai, Voigtlander, Leica M , abounding admirers that the images accept agitation . Blige is different . The accurateness and colors are classic.

But the focus is hands-on LCD 3 -inch awning is simple application the advanced lens, F added calmly focus on the NEX-7 is there to advice you focus on the additional duke .

Assistant at 1 MF Assist If application this function, the camera will zoom up to 5.9x , let us see breadth we charge to focus acutely . And can change the zoom position to the added by authoritative the Joysteck or use Dial 2 and 3 it.

First . (Menu> Setup> MF Assist> On).

Two . ((Menu> Setup> MF Assist Time> No Limit.

Three . (Menu> Setup> Custom Key Settings> [Right Key Seting / Soft Key B Setting]> MF Assist).

2 Peaking Level Assistant to the NEX arrangement AF , the adverse AF . Allows manufacturers to amount out how to yield advantage of the adverse AF focus point confirms acutely . The blush displays . In the accurateness of the angel . In this action , we can accept three levels Lo Mid Top and three colors , white , yellow, red .

VDO see that the behavior of Peaking Level work.

Review Sony NEX-7 “Professional Mirrorless Camera”

Review Sony NEX-7 “Professional Mirrorless Camera”.

Sony NEX-7

The success of NEX cameras, the Sony camera sales rose to a almanac . Accept resulted in abounding users add Ekаё¶g . Reinforcing afresh with the 5N and NEX-C3 sales trend during the flood. So in abbreviate accumulation ever.

Back afresh with the NEX-7 camera accession for able camera users . Or austere amateurs . ( No, seriously, not because I ambition added ), Sony put this camera in the Top of the Mirrorless accent by the ambience simple as Camera DSLR with Dial 3 options and appearance of functions that are the videos . I ambition to accept a complete account ever. APS-C admeasurement sensors with a resolution of 24 actor pixels , and Aqua , the accomplished in the bazaar at this time ( 30, 55 ) and added hot beam aloft aloft the physique can not use beam for Sony DSLR . including use in Studio ultra is no botheration with the acceleration of connected cutting up to 10 frames per second.

The continued accessible . Of above calamity in Bangkok . The agenda for December to be adjourned to February 55 by the account that came out afore the humans cat-and-mouse for the accession of this camera a lot . Whether they ambition to plan as a advancement camera or a camera in the allowance , it has not awash it and intend to use DSLR NEX-7 as the capital camera . I annoyed to backpack a abundant camera .

NEX-7 is for whom ? I looked over this camera acceptable for austere photography . And focus instead on the capabilities of a DSLR camera. I accept one chat that this average DSLR with up to a action to complete . And focus on the simple ambience . The amount of the added big-ticket DSLR model, the added is not acceptable for amateur as well.

The Sony NEX is the company’s new introduction   http://sonysocial.tumblr.com/


Image sensor, APS-C 1.11 blazon Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor (2.5 x 15.6 mm) focal multiplier of 1.5 .

Number of able pixels 24.3 megapixels accurate .

Size ( Aspect Ratio 3:2) L: 6000 x 4000.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 3:2) M: 4240 x 2832.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 3:2) S: 3008 x 2000.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 16:9) L: 6000 x 3376.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 16:9) M: 4240 x 2400.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 16:9) S: 3008 x 1688.

Size (Sweep Panorama) Wide: accumbent 12416 x 1856 (23M), vertical 5536 x 2160 (12M).

Size (Sweep Panorama) Standard: accumbent 8192 x 1856 (15M), vertical 3872 x 2160 (8.4M).

Recording architecture / superior files, RAW, RAW + JPEG, JPEG Fine, JPEG Standard.

Focus approach AFS, AFC, Manual.

Focusing Arrangement uses Contrast AF.

Auto Focus arrangement has three patterns 25 multi-point , multi-point , Centre-weighted centermost , Fliexible atom is adjustable , Object Tracking Tracking , Face Detection advance faces.

Sony E-mount lenses accessible , and Sony / Minolta A Mount for the Sony Adapter LA-EA2.

Shutter acceleration 30 – 1/ 4000 sec , Bulb.

Metering arrangement metering Zones 1200 – area , center-weighted , spot

Sensitivity (ISO) Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 16000.

Shooting mode, iAuto, Scene Selection, Anti Motion Blur, Sweep Panorama, 3D Sweep Panorama, Manual Exposure, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Program Auto.

Creative Styles: Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night, Autumn Leaves, B & W, Sepia.

SCENE MODE: Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports Action, Sunset, Night Portrait, Night Scene, Hand-held Twilight,.

Picture Effect angel accent asperous ( blush / atramentous and white ) , ablaze colors , like the age-old , some colors ( red , chicken , dejected , green) , atramentous and white , top acuteness , camera cycle , Soft High- key , painting . , atramentous and white tones , images, Mini Anamnesis sticks .

White antithesis Auto WB, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent (Warm white / Cool white / Day) / Blush temperature setting.

Pattern metering Zones 114 zones metering , center-weighted , spot

System of advantage 1/3EV Step В± 5EV.

Sensitivity ambit EV 0 – 18 (ISO100 equivalent).

Continuous cutting at 10 fps and accustomed approach 3-5 images per second.

Spare anamnesis abutment : Fine 17 images , Raw 13 shots , Raw + Jpeg 11 images.

The beam (Flash Guide Number) 6 meters at ISO 100 lens supports 18mm.

Shutter acceleration with beam X Sync 1/160 sec .

Flash Modes Beam off, Autoflash, Fill-flash, Slow Sync., Rear Sync, Wireless.

LCD 3 -inch LCD adviser with 921,600 pixel Xtra Fine LCD with TruBlack awning technology to see 100% advantage up to 85 degrees , down by 45 .

XGA OLED cyberbanking viewfinder and 1.3 cm.

2,359,296 dot resolution .

Gain .1.09 x.

See the abounding 100 %.

Animation files, AVCHD & MPEG-4.

Resolution affective images.

AVCHD: 1080 60i / p up to 28mbps (50i / p in Europe & Asia).

AVCHD: 1080 24i / p up to 24mbps (25i / p in Europe & Asia).

MPEG-4: 1440 x 1080 29.97fps 12mbps.

MPEG-4: 640 x 480 29.97fps.

Sound Recording Arrangement Dolby Digital (AC-3) / MPEG-4 AAC-LC.

Media acclimated for recording. Anamnesis Stick Anamnesis Stick PRO Duo / Anamnesis Stick PRO-HG Duo / SD Anamnesis Agenda / SDHC anamnesis agenda / SDXC anamnesis agenda abutment , top acceleration Class 10 agenda accommodation up to 32 GB.

Connected computer through anchorage USB 2.0 (High Speed).

Connection anchorage HDMI Blazon C.

Microphone jack of 3.5mm.

Battery Blazon Li-ion Array Pack NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion.

EVF and shoot about 310 images on 430 ‘s LCD.

Dimensions 120 x 67 x 43 mm (width acme depth) .

The camera weighs 415 g (including array and agenda ) .



6 reasons to buy “Digital Camera “

6 reasons to buy “Digital Camera ” .

First . Question the need for their own use .
I saw many people buying a digital camera is that it is expensive to buy it because they think it must be good . But from my experience, it does not actually go all I will give an example , a friend who bought an expensive digital camera, a horse . Costing several thousand baht Is a professional camera ever.

DSLR cameras

DSLR cameras

However, it appears that the time is not convenient to use . Because it is bulky . Time , it seemed to me to carry . The time taken to adjust it to a lower resolution . If taken at the highest resolution. The images are very large . It ‘s time to customize it or slow it it did not have much knowledge about photography . Modeled as an auto -only. This is called waste of money for nothing . I agree that what is most important . To know their own needs before the needs of digital camera to use to do anything.

– Use common .
The implementation in general photography . Take time to visit . General store , etc. This camera does not require a lot of special functions . 4 million pixel resolution, but it was enough .

– Used to make a website.
Images into the site. Usually, it does not want to enlarge your normal washing 4 million pixel redundancy but also be used to take very high quality . It wastes money then do so.

– Use of services by different picture reclaimed .
The photos in this manner. Of course, that would require a great little camera . Really should be a digital SLR with a compact digital camera that is not good enough , but of course people would want to hire someone who has hired more professional camera . Which should have a resolution of around 5-6 million pixel.

– Used in the publication . Or studio.
Of course, you have to buy a digital SLR camera to adjust to wash the lenses with flash or other accessories to indulge. Resolution, it should not be less than 5 million Pixel.

Two . Selected features of the camera.
You should know the properties of these cameras. Time to buy . In order to choose the right camera for your needs the most.

– Resolution.
Resolution of the image when it is pressed suit .
2 Megapixels 5 x 7 inch (photo size ) picture are made ​​.
3 Megapixels 8 x 10 inch photographic topic. Prints up to a medium.
From 4 Megapixels A4 paper to the print magazine to the high quality of work .

– The ability to zoom.
Typically , we see that the writing style is second to zoom Optical zoom and Digital zoom is to remember that by not having to do with the digital zoom to zoom This is an extension of the common image file . We can use the computer to do it later . But to do the Zoom lens Optical zoom is a true zoom , which of course is not much better.

– The Battery.
Of course, battery life is very important. If digital camera battery is no different from ordinary jewelry . Should consider what kind of battery it is strongly recommended to use rechargeable batteries . It will take longer than And do not waste money , too. Lifetime is important as well. Should see that the camera is charging when full. Can shoot a few pictures before the battery runs out. Normally it should not be less than 150-200 images at least.

– The ability to adjust the Manual.
Manual adjustment mode will allow you to . Some would have to adjust the width of the aperture, shutter speed , etc. If you do not know what these values ​​are . The ability to adjust the fit of this Manual , it is not necessary for you.

– Size, shape and weight.
You should consider the size , shape and weight of the camera that suits you , or that you like it. Which would have to consider yourself to me .

3. The budget to buy a camera .
Actually, in the beginning, I planned to take this as the first as well. Because it is probably the most important. For most people. So now you will probably know already . That the digital camera you should have it. Now, I try to see my budget . That you have the money to buy it. And where to buy the property and are on a budget can do. It is up to each one of my pockets .

Four . Preview images taken from the camera to buy .
This is not important . From my experience I can tell you that . The other camera brands . Prices are similar. The quality is not much different, but here, each brand will have its own identity . Some brands of the colors look natural. Some brands colorful . Some brands out soft colors . If asked which one is better . I can not answer . So do not listen to anyone say that brands do pretty well . Look with your own eyes is better than to be pleasant to you .

Five . Comparison price models that interest you.
When you go to buy a box version . I see several important things . Normally . Not necessary that you have to buy the big stores in the mall , or the need to buy . If the warranty because it was not already. So consider stores that sell cheap , reliable and convenient travel to ( near ) the time of the problem , it is better that I take a look at the importance of what they each have . Because some things may be for sale . I do not get some necessary equipment . Such as memory etc. selling should ask to make sure .

6. Guarantee.
This guarantee is very important because the photography equipment, electronic equipment , Nick had a chance to take it easy over the complex mechanisms that are not traditional. Therefore, we should consider as well. The warranty is 3 types .

– Warranty guaranteed by the product owner or agent has been appointed by the owners directly . Where this is not much to consider . Because they will have a repair center and spare parts service downtime anyway.

– This refers to insurance shop . We brought the camera and sold it. Not through distributors directly . Therefore cheaper. I do not have a set price , after-sales service . But Rhythm. In this, of course , if the shop would have to be responsible . Which would be very difficult to repair than zero. And in some cases may not have Boo . ( Boo -Chinese translations that do not ) , so it must consider the store to purchase them . Suggests that if the price is not much cheaper . I bought a warranty on console than

– A centralized insurance . By some of these comments . Imported for sale in the carrying out of international career when he did not have the camera directly . Certainly cheaper ( but I’m sure it’s not much ), but this time it is thought that they will carry your camera to take overseas to repair them.

SONY ALPHA A58 review performance

SONY ALPHA A58 review performance. Actual use. The camera lens.

Design and control.

Before actual use . We see the design and control of the camera before.
DSLT SONY A58 camera is a camera that uses Translucent Mirror at all of Sony’s professional cameras . Using this technology. The advantages of DSLT camera is quick to run a Real Time is a mirror DSLR camera with fast autofocus system . Continuous shooting speed (SONY A58 continuous shooting at 5 frames / second) video track and focus at all times.



With this technology itself. Looking through the viewfinder, the new OLED Tru-finder sensor designed to switch the display on the eyes attached . By the view through the viewfinder 1.44 million dots resolution OLED and a comprehensive look at 100 % to see the image in the camera is. I have taken it that way. But for those who are not accustomed to looking through the viewfinder is electronic rider Nick . May have to adjust a little bit. Imagine if you could not imagine that we are looking at the TV itself.
LCD screen for SONY A58 put in a 2.7-inch LCD screen can be folded up, folded down 90 degrees to 45 degrees , so it can be flipped to avoid light reflection. And facilitate low angle and high angle only. Can not turn back the photos themselves . The display has a contrast. Auto focus on shifting degrees up and down . The most obvious illustration . The buttons of the SONY A58 camera is barely different from the Sony camcorder models. If you are not already used to adapt many Activate various functions . Relatively quick and easy . The main menu button . That need to run as often as ISO , exposure compensation button to activate the Picture Effect to use it without having to access the menu .
From the front of the body is. On the body . Although made ​​of plastic as well. I feel strong. The leather handle grip grooving handed catch it. A sliding ring to adjust the settings on the front . And when the body cap . Or the lens to find out . Plastic mouse, the mouse might not look as strong as steel , but it is not no different . When looking deeper into the sensor . Will find a new sensor that is designed to reduce light to the image sensor flare . The real answer is. I mentioned when I actually use it again.
The new lens 18-55mm / F3.5-5.6 DT SAM II experiment , try focusing motor. Found that the focus is fast and quiet . The quality of the lens will be like. See photos in this trip . Focused on the actual use of the new kit lens alone. Not through any finishing a raw file from the camera. Through your pictures .