Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7

Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7.

The analysis of the Sony A77 SLT like NEX-7 Spec around every account , whether it is a sensor or dent any ISO that has not afflicted me as abundant as this helped. Is accessible up to 1600 with a resolution that tries to charge in a baby sensor . Babble does not accomplish a accord for the NEX-7 , but I accept to say , absolute strange. Because the files are from 1600 , it still did not attending absolutely acceptable . Babble in the caliginosity to be out for some time .

The ISO can do two types of custom and Auto we can accept from 100 to 16,000 , but baddest Auto , the camera will set the ambit from 100 to 1,600 of the tests on the angel at 100% Babble starts to be seen. added accessible at ISO 1600 and steadily added in absolute applications if anyone adulatory to use it to set the ISO JPEG images should not beat 1600.

 Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7

Beginners Tip: ISO is to access the ISO acuteness of the camera I acclimated to shoot in low ablaze makes a absolute apathetic bang acceleration can not be captivated by hand. Added by adjusting the ISO acuteness up to the college bang acceleration but the top ISO images are too base colorant accepted as noise.

The DRO / Auto HDR.

In photography, lighting is the ablaze force . (Eg 10:00 to 14:00 ) Angel adverse can be abiding . The adverse of ablaze and adumbration are absolute The abridgement of detail in the angel blaze and adumbration .

The DR (Dynamic Range) to retrieve the data . In ablaze ablaze or in adumbration to appear out to see . It is a amount of accessory adjustments WB ever.

DRO (Dynamic Ambit Option).

Dynamic Ambit Control will accumulate the camera functions can be set to Auto or ambience the DRO own. Scalable from Level 1 – 5.

(Menu> Britghtness / Color> DRO / Auto HDR> DRO> Press Option (Soft Key B) to baddest Auto or Level 1-5).

HDR (High Dynamic Range).

The cutting of three altered images with altered lighting ( I Over Under) and bound brought the three angel processing to abstract the angel detail up to commutual . Whether it’s a abundant altered ablaze . ( This address is so continued as it is done with a computer Software ) can be set to Auto or Custom from Level 1 – 6 to use it to clothing the lighting altitude . I fabricated ​​two videos , the camera angel is the aboriginal angel and the additional is the HDR OFF HDR images by absence .

You . Accessible alone JPEG files alone if you baddest a RAW or RAW + JPEG photos can not use this action on the anchor for good.

(Menu> Britghtness / Color> DRO / Auto HDR> HDR> Press Option (Soft Key B) to baddest Auto or HDR 1-6).

Beginners Tip: Beginners Tip: Dynamic Ambit (DR) is to bottle the angel data in absolute aphotic or ablaze areas are . The abridgement of data . Because of the aberration in the absolute cutting of the two credibility that are absolute diff in admeasurement appear , it is difficult to admeasurement in the ablaze to get the ablaze in the average amid Absolute ablaze and absolute aphotic locations of the aforementioned image. To accord the ablaze amid aphotic and ablaze zones in the image, and again adapted into the data in the aphotic is not acceptable in the ablaze , it ‘s airy to the DR will detail in aphotic and ablaze out. Included in all colors as well. If the camera has some weaknesses that red is taken up as a red collapsed no data of what is DR RED camera is not acceptable . If there is a aberration amid aphotic and ablaze in the account , it should set the DR top , but if there are at atomic a little , but if the DR is too top the account will attending flat, no adverse , if the DR is too low, it will . can not see the data in absolute aphotic or absolute ablaze . Should be set to clothing .

Let’s see the DRO Off VS DRO Auto VS HDR Auto.

I shoot with a accomplishments leaves the building. The aberration amid the two credibility breadth the ablaze metering this If addition one is lost. I wanna see the sun in the afternoon , I will try the DRO and HDR images to see which one is over the angel to see the data abutting DRO aphotic leaves no detail to annihilation . Again about-face on DRO Auto beginning after-effects are abundant in the aphotic has appear to be apparent added and the architecture will be lit up . If I switched to the HDR Auto Show images that accept little detail in the aphotic accomplishments architecture itself is absolute ablaze . Again it was taken abroad from DRO 1-5 and HDR 1-6 look.


Mode of operation of the arrangement in the SONY NEX-7 focus is said to be of a absolute avant-garde appearance with a best of arena 5 .

1. Face Detection Face Tracking Arrangement . Can baddest a face or faces to be adored in the camera to face the a lot of important .

2. Article Tracking , the camera will chase the called article . Whether the article is affective appear you . The camera will focus as able-bodied

3. Multi -focus sensor in the NEX-7 with 25 points, if we use this Approach and the camera will focus the abounding 25 points, and the angel area. By allotment to focus on abutting capacity first.

4. Center axial focus sensor camera will focus on the average image.

5. Flexible Spot Sets the focus by itself. We can move the focus point in the angel by selecting the adapted focus point with the joystick on the camera .

Face Detection.

Face Detection the camera can abduction a face to the Face Recognition Function.

Open this card to plan with it.

(Menu> Camera> Rec> Face Recog> On).

You . Would use this to accessible the Focus Approach Multi afore I was me .

(Menu> Camera> Autofocus Area> Multi).

Face Detection Arrangement , the camera will baddest the face itself.

Faces Regist.

It will again focus on the face . Can aswell be ordered with a accurate focus on the face . Perfect time to wish to yield anyone appropriate . I abhorrence that I will focus on . I like to yield my Big Red . I abhorrence that the focus on dancers instead. Do you or anyone to yield the date at the school. I abhorrence that the camera will focus on the added being instead. This approach can help. But I accept to be accurate that you do not accept a timberline .

Peaking Level & Lens Manual Focus.

Current camera NEX is absolute accepted for those who adopt the lenses Manual adaptation is acclimated to affix the Adaptor Converter ar lens is lens Nikon Ai, Voigtlander, Leica M , abounding admirers that the images accept agitation . Blige is different . The accurateness and colors are classic.

But the focus is hands-on LCD 3 -inch awning is simple application the advanced lens, F added calmly focus on the NEX-7 is there to advice you focus on the additional duke .

Assistant at 1 MF Assist If application this function, the camera will zoom up to 5.9x , let us see breadth we charge to focus acutely . And can change the zoom position to the added by authoritative the Joysteck or use Dial 2 and 3 it.

First . (Menu> Setup> MF Assist> On).

Two . ((Menu> Setup> MF Assist Time> No Limit.

Three . (Menu> Setup> Custom Key Settings> [Right Key Seting / Soft Key B Setting]> MF Assist).

2 Peaking Level Assistant to the NEX arrangement AF , the adverse AF . Allows manufacturers to amount out how to yield advantage of the adverse AF focus point confirms acutely . The blush displays . In the accurateness of the angel . In this action , we can accept three levels Lo Mid Top and three colors , white , yellow, red .

VDO see that the behavior of Peaking Level work.