Imaging techniques / basic photography.

Imaging techniques / basic photography.

Shutter speed (S, TV).
Shutter speed.
The temporal order of the recording . The mechanism of the camera can have a drop -off before of the film . (Or within the case of the sunshine CCD camera ) referred to as the shutter. will open and shut to permit lightweight into the record by the time we tend to set the shutter speed. we’ve chosen to suit the thing to be shoot . usually be thought of as associate imaging lightweight from {the lightweight|the sunshine} supply to light the candles to decide on the shutter speed for many seconds. As for sunny out of doors photography needs higher shutter speed like 1/500 seconds .
Another issue that’s vital. Movement of objects like cars moving at speed photography . to make sure sharp pictures. needs a shutter speed as high as potential. Relative to the aperture elect because the shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds .

Aperture (A, AV).
Aperture .
Most cameras ar equipped force additional or less lightweight through the lens . mistreatment flat solid petals , that is put in within the lens that determines the quantity of sunshine passing through the lens , additional or less . By the way, with such atiny low aperture f/22 and bit by bit larger , severally. till the totally open and totally open f/1.4 , however can rely upon the dimensions of the lens . pricey lenses with giant front lens piece . can receive additional lightweight . which suggests totally open aperture wider than f/1.2 for photography as associate aperture to pick any usually is set by the lighting conditions. If the sunshine is extremely usually used little aperture like f/11 , if lightweight is commonly used aperture like f / a pair of and then on.
Another vital issue is that the depth .

The relationship between shutter speed and aperture .

To set the shutter speed and aperture . Have a relationship along . to urge the correct quantity of sunshine in a very studio. within the same lightweight conditions . And a sensitivity equal. will set the suitable values ​​by example .

Choosing the correct combine within the sample . the connection between shutter speed and aperture . contemplate the subsequent factors .
1 . The speed of movement of the thing to be taken.
Fast moving object . however we would like to image . needs a most shutter speed of the camera the maximum amount as potential. however if the thing is stationary . will select no matter shutter speed .
. a pair of the depth of the thing to be taken.
Small aperture like f/22 can offer additional depth and aperture , like f/1.4 , that may be a serious issue within the firing range . Or employed in long lens photography.

Compensation .
Adjust the quantity of sunshine within the image is completely different from that of the sunshine meter just like the backlit scenes . Values ​​obtained from the sunshine meter . usually quite matter that produces up the exposure compensation by adding additional lightweight metering . Another case is . Shooting before of a black background . Values ​​of the sunshine meter is commonly the thing is simply too bright. Exposure compensation is a smaller amount than that achieved by dimming the lights and then on.
Basically, cameras have exposure compensation packages . conjointly called the work unit already consistent with the camera . Shutter speed. Or aperture . to create the image brighter . Or darker than the sunshine . Or we are able to modify the parameter that directly.

To make amends for the sunshine . widespread modifications. just one is that the shutter speed or aperture , exposure compensation , it’s the sole thanks to add or cut back lightweight exposure.
Adding lighting .
Adjusting the shutter speed is to scale back the shutter speed down as metering , one /500 sec exposure will increase one level , it must set the shutter speed to 1/250 shutter principle that if you bog down, it’ll definitely be additional lightweight . to extend the exposure by adjusting the aperture simply got to add a bigger aperture , like exposure to f / four to the primary level , it should be modified to f/2.8.
Dimming .
Adjusting the shutter speed is to extend the shutter speed , like metering , one /500 second level would be the primary dimming shutter speed is 1/1000 is that the shutter closing quicker rate itself. If the exposure by adjusting the aperture . It should be reduced to a smaller aperture like exposure to f / four would be the primary dimming is f/5.6.

Choosing the suitable shutter speed to the movement of objects.

Factors related to the selection of shutter speed related to the movement of the thing. contemplate the subsequent .
Direction of motion of the thing.
The direction of motion because the second character is moving towards / far from the camera or the camera moves from left to right or contrariwise. The movement toward or far from the camera to decide on the shutter speed the camera moves through the cars driving at high speeds, sixty klick / h also. Moving toward the camera . could use shutter speed 1/125 , however if the camera moves . might have to use the shutter speed to 1/ five hundred.
Speed ​​of the moving object.
Fast moving object sort of a automotive ought to use a most shutter speed of the camera is used because the walking speed that’s but the imaging object . ought to use a shutter speed as high as lighting director .
Results stationary or moving up .
To create a particular image . All the photographs I even have motion blur . to provide viewers a way that A movement within the image. could use a shutter speed slower than traditional shutter speeds could also be as athletics 1/15 athletics track with the camera whereas pressing the shutter button. If trained well, they need some clear image athletics . Section backcloth stripes can look to create sense of the fleet.

This is the most subject of my lens . Factors poignant it’s .
Aperture .
Aperture size is smaller than the depth . Aperture giant , as if we tend to were shooting close-ups , like mallow flowers one flower photos full frontal image . we are able to see that spore are close to the camera most flower petal and stalk is deep . Camera or secluded. If we would like to shoot it all the spore from the stem . this is often what we tend to decision depth . which needs atiny low aperture . On the opposite hand, if we tend to use an oversized aperture . referred to as shallow focus . usually employed in case we would like to create the background less distinction objects. to stress that the topic stand out . usually common in fashion photography . Or taking a specific face.
Size of the distance of the lens.
Lens with a distance but twenty eight millimeter to a depth of three hundred millimeter lens , therefore I ‘d wish to choose a focal depth can got to few citations. like landscape photography . section fashion photography. usually use terribly little distance . The film focuses on the dominant model for it.
Distance between the camera and also the object.
Distance a lot of less depth than the gap we are able to see that after we read photography . an extended distance. this is often evident in each pictures. If you shoot flowers in distance . this is often clearly not the complete image. is clearly solely partly. As we tend to specialise in . I knew this already . Next time don’t forget to require footage of flowers close- aperture slim it. The camera of late . is haunted in a very mode referred to as Macro ( Macro) .

Exposure to photography .
Basic optical measure techniques . contemplate the subsequent vital factors .
Origin of sunshine.
The camera will modify white balance (White balance) mechanically, that the cameras don’t seem to be featured during this section. however it’s vital to possess higher color accuracy. The film was made to suit the colour temperature of {the lightweight|the sunshine} because it is intended as star (Daylight) or light from associate incandescent bulb. Or fluorescent , etc. If a brand new photographic camera . usually designed to change the sunshine supply of origin . though the camera has automatic white balance (Auto White balance) , however even then typically the automation isn’t quite right . we are able to see from the LCD ‘s color distortion if this is often therefore , we’d like to line the supply of the sunshine supply manually as star / star Cloudy / star building / incandescent / fluorescent / set balance. White custom (Custom) If we tend to attempt to amendment the white balance within the camera, the colour doesn’t match the fact. we’d like to line a custom white balance . the strategy can vary in every camera model. This methodology usually needs a report placed beneath lightweight conditions at that point. Then the white balance manually . Then, 2 cameras, a full white screen, press the Set color temperature to stay the camera at that point. The camera can modify the report that we tend to see as white LCD screen is absolutely through the ceremony. Then shoot the right change any lightweight . If the sunshine is off , don’t forget to vary the white balance . Or reset it.
Direction of sunshine .
Photography basis. we’ll specialise in natural lightweight , however the sunshine from the flash older.
The 2 objects is that the two folks . {the lightweight|the sunshine} from the flash light , it is this.
Called lightweight or backlit.
Light side.
On the sunshine at high noon .
Exposure metering object ought to solely have the foremost correct metering . the sunshine aspect. Average exposure to the dark aspect and also the silver lining . If you wish an image to the gallery somewhat darker . Exposure to the sunshine. This case needs a camera that may be adjusted to identify metering (Spot) don’t need to get near her terribly little screen . What techniques ar on the market for cameras that may not solely modify the metering purpose . the way to use a light-weight hand American state my camera . Strange , however it permits for additional correct metering it. Principle . This camera is average metering . As photographers , we tend to raised up {the lightweight|the sunshine} that falls on constant hand because the mannequin before of a couple had to regulate the angle of sunshine falling on the wrist joint to the hand sort of a light before of her . I took the camera and monitor hand exposure . we tend to could specialise in the intense aspect . I pointed the camera at the sunshine. Or specialise in the dark aspect. The camera is pointed at the dark. however if we tend to set the camera ‘s focus and exposure with this is often not American state. as a result of the main focus is true. If so, this is often still not out of my approach . however we’d like a bigger grey paper A4 Well let her hold it by the corners of the paper is lightweight grey with one incident within the model. lightweight grey and also the paper wasn’t to possess the right lighting .
Contrast of the thing with the sunshine behind .
Such cases, backlit by the model within the shade . The background is white sand . this is often the metering rate for the image. Results can initiate dark . as a result of the camera’s photometer can trick of {the lightweight|the sunshine} that comes from the sand that a lot of light . so the sunshine that’s too low is taken out, and so go dark . we’d like to use spot metering that model. however this is often conjointly a drawback . The background is white too won’t have embarked on somewhere . This methodology is suggested to flash to get rid of shadows on her face . Flash hooked up to the camera are less effective . however it’s higher than not . you’ve got to use flash thereto. i prefer the model and backcloth it. Metering has been subject to varied to say here . I followed the story of photography special . i’ll say next.

Principle shooting fireworks .

Imaging techniques such flares . despite what the camera is comparable to what was simply a special behavior of the camera itself. A photographic camera may be a camera that’s a lot of restricted than within the film, together with a number of the foremost slender seem like it would simply be but f / eight or f/11 only if the camera is employed to film most of f/16. f/22 or another is shopper -level digital cameras (consumer) or professional zoom Mercedes (prosumer) usually don’t have a B shutter shooting fireworks , thus get rather troublesome enough.

Principle shooting fireworks1

Principle shooting fireworks .
Shooting fireworks is basically like photography normally. lightweight|the sunshine} ought to be adequate light in volume . However, attributable to the fireworks within the night thus usually . Shutter speed is way decreased . What controls the brightness or darkness of the image is that the ratio is . Time to show off the shutter , the flares have an effect on the amount that seems within the image . If you’re taking to a small degree time . Any amounts. If it takes plenty longer . However , if too long. Fireworks pictures can overlap and over till it’s thanks to be recorded at midnight, a rack is extremely necessary . The camera ought to be mounted on a rack is robust enough.
Choosing ratio .

F. variety is suitable depends on many factors .

1 . the sunshine of fireworks . every rocket includes a completely different brightness . Had to pay a really bright aperture to narrower , less bright flares . However, in follow , little is feasible . as a result of we will not predict wherever the fireworks that may lightweight a lot of or less. we tend to don’t got to worry abundant regarding the brightness of various fireworks . however as a result of the sunshine flares . Moving . No tone (tone) , no details . choose the amount in order that it solely captures a dark or bright color isn’t as white because it may be a smart image . Most of that is in between f8-f16.
Two . Sensitivity of the CCD or ISO speed , if we tend to set the sensitivity of the camera is extremely very similar to a two hundred or four hundred , it’ll be a slender aperture . However, thanks to the noise within the image. Therefore, you must avoid high sensitivity . and will be set as low as attainable at the camera with a one hundred or fifty , etc..
Third the gap the camera is removed from the fireworks . It ought to open the camera quite ever by victimisation the inverse sq. law or the inverse sq. law . That is, if the gap from the sunshine supply removed from the first one . Exposure is reduced doubly . That is, if we tend to shoot fireworks with a variety of one hundred meters with f/11 , however if one or two of hundred meters away , use f / eight shutter -speed choice . Use the camera shutter B , but if not, it ought to take just about 2-8 seconds betting on the fundamental measure . Fireworks were lit with a lot of or less frequency .

Principle shooting fireworksPrinciple shooting fireworks
For a camera with a shutter B , it ought to carry a black cardboard . Then flip the camera to record the sunshine from the fireworks of anybody or a lot of kids . kids within the same frame . If you wish any further kids pay only 1 ball . It ought to be noted that the realm wherever the fireworks . If you see lightweight smoke starting show that Fireworks are lit up . we want to drag out the black paper to record . once the fireworks lightweight the paper then hurry off or shut the shutter only if this case is in excellent locations . And fireworks not be lit at the same time solely
The image below may be a icon I took at a fireworks show in Japan. In fact, one image is a motivating pay less. Fireworks lightweight image of dwellings. enclosed within the figure. Optical lightweight curve of lovely buildings , bridges , etc. to create the image look a lot of fascinating . additionally, shortly once sunset . The twilight sky was a weird atmosphere to create it a lot of pleasant to appear at .

Panorama conjointly relish photography

Panorama conjointly relish photography .

Photography Panorama

Photography Panorama Panorama assist the program ought to be ready to select whether or not to shoot and therefore the camera to shoot next . From right to left. Or from the left to the proper. (Usually taken from right to left) or from the highest down . Or from bottom to prime by pressing the key Multiselector. ( indicator key four east ) and therefore the triangle that’s inform to . however invariably use a rack . to help within the maintenance of the panning to induce the power . And a lot of actual .

When victimization this mode. and choose the photos to the proper to the left. when the primary shot , then . The camera locks the exposure and focus . following shot can have the sunshine fastened . a similar time, the images area unit color and lightweight all a similar .

When shooting is finished initial . The monitor will see the image on the proper concerning 1/3 of the image ( sort of a shadow . within the left screen . Time to Pan ( facing) camera. they must create a brand new image over the first image on the screen . can knowledge a lot of to show around . and therefore the alternative pictures . Complete as needed. once shooting at the primary set and so press the OK or Enter to quit the camera locks the exposure . once taking a brand new image is hold on within the new folder. AE Lock and begin new .

* TIP * Before shooting ought to alter the telephoto lens within the middle . And photography to gather up to sixteen pictures per series of consecutive photos ought to be taken to completion. If the interval is simply too long . Metering , the camera turns off (due in writing at the time set for the camera to show off automatically) and therefore the secret’s the lighting of the photos could vary.
For the in-camera Panorama assist , no application for broad photography . Shooting in such a way , it will do a similar. the way to keep in mind or simply use somewhat observant . By whether or not the photos to the left or manus, it might have to be compelled to be shooting some of the first image, calculable to be 15-20 capitalize on the photographs employed in following step.

* Tip * invariably use a rack . And lock the exposure . and so turned on the camera to shoot pictures with overlap around One third of the image. Or virtually any image . alternative of lenses . ought to be a customary lens . The focal distance of concerning fifty metric linear unit , however if the lens zoom. It ought to be fine for this. as a result of the lens is a smaller amount distorted image . (Time per image may be a easy and delightful ) .

Then set it to require photos with a similar image victimization the provided Panorama Maker may be a compact disc that comes during a Coolpix camera models however won’t in-camera D-SLR.
The program Panorama maker.
This program is enclosed with the Nikon read or PictureProject. it’s a program put in on the pc with Panorama Maker . Panorama Maker is employed to open up the windows before Panorama Maker three.

Click the “Start” window can work. choose the character of the image is to be connected in any because the horizontal (Horiz), vertical (Vert), the circle (360o) or a picture (Tile).

Select the kind of lens used “Camera Lens” I don’t grasp , then select Automatic low- down box to pick the image size as Medium (For display), Original (For print) and tiny (For web) to the first. are recorded for Associate in Nursing enlarged read. and so click Next.

At very cheap right corner of the window, a brand new howeverton boost a window to pick pictures from specific folder ( advocate to line a brand new folder ) and value more highly to apply to any or all ( but should not exceed sixteen. image).

* TIP * For your convenience, do you have to need to load pictures into the pc it’s most convenient .

Click Open the image can seem within the higher box . If this sequence is correct. Then click embody All or embody your image, then click the button to maneuver the timeframe .

Upon completion of the program , and so click Next to complete the image . If it still isn’t fully over . Click to Fine Tune ( a screwdriver ) and so sequins mouse to click on the show to not be compared to the two photos . The button for the numbers one , 2, 3 , purpose to a similar purpose in every image. ought to purpose away horizontally. Then click the Ok button to mend the new once finished , click end , and so click the Save button to avoid wasting Image the folder that you simply need to avoid wasting image as was common .

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Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7

Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7.

The analysis of the Sony A77 SLT like NEX-7 Spec around every account , whether it is a sensor or dent any ISO that has not afflicted me as abundant as this helped. Is accessible up to 1600 with a resolution that tries to charge in a baby sensor . Babble does not accomplish a accord for the NEX-7 , but I accept to say , absolute strange. Because the files are from 1600 , it still did not attending absolutely acceptable . Babble in the caliginosity to be out for some time .

The ISO can do two types of custom and Auto we can accept from 100 to 16,000 , but baddest Auto , the camera will set the ambit from 100 to 1,600 of the tests on the angel at 100% Babble starts to be seen. added accessible at ISO 1600 and steadily added in absolute applications if anyone adulatory to use it to set the ISO JPEG images should not beat 1600.

 Test ISO Noise for Sony NEX 7

Beginners Tip: ISO is to access the ISO acuteness of the camera I acclimated to shoot in low ablaze makes a absolute apathetic bang acceleration can not be captivated by hand. Added by adjusting the ISO acuteness up to the college bang acceleration but the top ISO images are too base colorant accepted as noise.

The DRO / Auto HDR.

In photography, lighting is the ablaze force . (Eg 10:00 to 14:00 ) Angel adverse can be abiding . The adverse of ablaze and adumbration are absolute The abridgement of detail in the angel blaze and adumbration .

The DR (Dynamic Range) to retrieve the data . In ablaze ablaze or in adumbration to appear out to see . It is a amount of accessory adjustments WB ever.

DRO (Dynamic Ambit Option).

Dynamic Ambit Control will accumulate the camera functions can be set to Auto or ambience the DRO own. Scalable from Level 1 – 5.

(Menu> Britghtness / Color> DRO / Auto HDR> DRO> Press Option (Soft Key B) to baddest Auto or Level 1-5).

HDR (High Dynamic Range).

The cutting of three altered images with altered lighting ( I Over Under) and bound brought the three angel processing to abstract the angel detail up to commutual . Whether it’s a abundant altered ablaze . ( This address is so continued as it is done with a computer Software ) can be set to Auto or Custom from Level 1 – 6 to use it to clothing the lighting altitude . I fabricated ​​two videos , the camera angel is the aboriginal angel and the additional is the HDR OFF HDR images by absence .

You . Accessible alone JPEG files alone if you baddest a RAW or RAW + JPEG photos can not use this action on the anchor for good.

(Menu> Britghtness / Color> DRO / Auto HDR> HDR> Press Option (Soft Key B) to baddest Auto or HDR 1-6).

Beginners Tip: Beginners Tip: Dynamic Ambit (DR) is to bottle the angel data in absolute aphotic or ablaze areas are . The abridgement of data . Because of the aberration in the absolute cutting of the two credibility that are absolute diff in admeasurement appear , it is difficult to admeasurement in the ablaze to get the ablaze in the average amid Absolute ablaze and absolute aphotic locations of the aforementioned image. To accord the ablaze amid aphotic and ablaze zones in the image, and again adapted into the data in the aphotic is not acceptable in the ablaze , it ‘s airy to the DR will detail in aphotic and ablaze out. Included in all colors as well. If the camera has some weaknesses that red is taken up as a red collapsed no data of what is DR RED camera is not acceptable . If there is a aberration amid aphotic and ablaze in the account , it should set the DR top , but if there are at atomic a little , but if the DR is too top the account will attending flat, no adverse , if the DR is too low, it will . can not see the data in absolute aphotic or absolute ablaze . Should be set to clothing .

Let’s see the DRO Off VS DRO Auto VS HDR Auto.

I shoot with a accomplishments leaves the building. The aberration amid the two credibility breadth the ablaze metering this If addition one is lost. I wanna see the sun in the afternoon , I will try the DRO and HDR images to see which one is over the angel to see the data abutting DRO aphotic leaves no detail to annihilation . Again about-face on DRO Auto beginning after-effects are abundant in the aphotic has appear to be apparent added and the architecture will be lit up . If I switched to the HDR Auto Show images that accept little detail in the aphotic accomplishments architecture itself is absolute ablaze . Again it was taken abroad from DRO 1-5 and HDR 1-6 look.


Mode of operation of the arrangement in the SONY NEX-7 focus is said to be of a absolute avant-garde appearance with a best of arena 5 .

1. Face Detection Face Tracking Arrangement . Can baddest a face or faces to be adored in the camera to face the a lot of important .

2. Article Tracking , the camera will chase the called article . Whether the article is affective appear you . The camera will focus as able-bodied

3. Multi -focus sensor in the NEX-7 with 25 points, if we use this Approach and the camera will focus the abounding 25 points, and the angel area. By allotment to focus on abutting capacity first.

4. Center axial focus sensor camera will focus on the average image.

5. Flexible Spot Sets the focus by itself. We can move the focus point in the angel by selecting the adapted focus point with the joystick on the camera .

Face Detection.

Face Detection the camera can abduction a face to the Face Recognition Function.

Open this card to plan with it.

(Menu> Camera> Rec> Face Recog> On).

You . Would use this to accessible the Focus Approach Multi afore I was me .

(Menu> Camera> Autofocus Area> Multi).

Face Detection Arrangement , the camera will baddest the face itself.

Faces Regist.

It will again focus on the face . Can aswell be ordered with a accurate focus on the face . Perfect time to wish to yield anyone appropriate . I abhorrence that I will focus on . I like to yield my Big Red . I abhorrence that the focus on dancers instead. Do you or anyone to yield the date at the school. I abhorrence that the camera will focus on the added being instead. This approach can help. But I accept to be accurate that you do not accept a timberline .

Peaking Level & Lens Manual Focus.

Current camera NEX is absolute accepted for those who adopt the lenses Manual adaptation is acclimated to affix the Adaptor Converter ar lens is lens Nikon Ai, Voigtlander, Leica M , abounding admirers that the images accept agitation . Blige is different . The accurateness and colors are classic.

But the focus is hands-on LCD 3 -inch awning is simple application the advanced lens, F added calmly focus on the NEX-7 is there to advice you focus on the additional duke .

Assistant at 1 MF Assist If application this function, the camera will zoom up to 5.9x , let us see breadth we charge to focus acutely . And can change the zoom position to the added by authoritative the Joysteck or use Dial 2 and 3 it.

First . (Menu> Setup> MF Assist> On).

Two . ((Menu> Setup> MF Assist Time> No Limit.

Three . (Menu> Setup> Custom Key Settings> [Right Key Seting / Soft Key B Setting]> MF Assist).

2 Peaking Level Assistant to the NEX arrangement AF , the adverse AF . Allows manufacturers to amount out how to yield advantage of the adverse AF focus point confirms acutely . The blush displays . In the accurateness of the angel . In this action , we can accept three levels Lo Mid Top and three colors , white , yellow, red .

VDO see that the behavior of Peaking Level work.

Camera and design Sony NEX-7

Camera and design Sony NEX-7

First I must say that it is very much like the NEX-5N Body View a metal body . But the stand out is that the above Dial 2 Flash Hot Shoe also comes with inner structure made ​​of magnesium alloy. Give strength and light the EVF has come to and it does not look very big lens Hood 18-55 / F3.5-5.6 OSS mounted camera is black with the camera a lot. Called the color to match the lens Body NEX-7 in particular.

When I try to capture the look feel very ergonomic Grip handle heavy handful . Rubber lined black leather makes lint free . Only the little finger , only to fall out. 5N weight and feel. The left hinge comes with HDMI output for LCD TV with USB 2 Highspeed ( actually more than I wanted it to be USB3.0 ) and a 3.5mm microphone jack size , but I still want to have a headphone jack anyway. Have checked the sound recorded by VDO . When compared to the NEX-5 and NEX-7 will look bigger than 15 to 17 percent.

Camera control

Dimensions and weight
11.6cm high, 6.7cm wide, 3.9cm thick, weighs 318 grams (Body + Battley + SD-Card).

AF Illuminator AF assist light .

Lens Release Button interchangeable lenses .

Power On / Off switch on / off .

Shutter button to capture.

Function 1 Function elected to have one .

Dial 1 to control rotary knob on the left – right .

Dial 2 to control rotary knob on the left – right .

Open Flash Popup open popup .

Press Play button to show pictures or videos from VDO .

AF / MF or AE Lock button, focus manually or automatically . Or lock the keypad memory light Recorder Video is the start or stop recording video .

Soft Key A (MENU) button to enter the menu for various settings to the camera.

Soft Key B Button to run a sub-command (Option).

Soft Key C do several functions . Submenu and run the Function of the various cameras used.

Control could Soft Key C 3 is it.

1 . The Joystick is press up, down, left, right .

2. Dial is to rotate it clockwise or counter- clockwise.

3. Enter / OK button is pressed in the middle.

Electronic Viewfinder

Viewfinder and LCD screen on the back.

OLED viewfinder Electronic Viewfinder with XVGA resolution or a resolution of 2,369,000 , which is the first in the world that has it. With the XGA OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder display like prisms, ever. Makes it easy to check the focus clear .

LCD 3 -inch 921,600 pixel Xtra Fine LCD screen with TruBlack screen technology vision covers 100 % up to 80 degrees , down by 45 .

By the EVF if attachment eye at the viewfinder EVF sensor will detect if anything is blocking the camera will adjust the display from LCD to EVF automatically , but if they bother. I can set my own EVF or LCD that uses or will use Auto.
(Menu> Setup> Finder> LCD Setting> [Auto / Viewfinder / LCD Monitor).

Viewfinder and LCD screen on the back.

OLED viewfinder Electronic Viewfinder with XVGA resolution or a resolution of 2,369,000 , which is the first in the world that has it. With the XGA OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder display like prisms, ever. Makes it easy to check the focus clear .

LCD 3 -inch 921,600 pixel Xtra Fine LCD screen with TruBlack screen technology vision covers 100 % up to 80 degrees , down by 45 .

By the EVF if attachment eye at the viewfinder EVF sensor will detect if anything is blocking the camera will adjust the display from LCD to EVF automatically , but if they bother. I can set my own EVF or LCD that uses or will use Auto.
(Menu> Setup> Finder> LCD Setting> [Auto / Viewfinder / LCD Monitor).

Electronic Viewfinder.
Screen up to 85 degrees and down 45 degrees.

We can turn on / off the display before shooting with Effect (Live View Display Effect [ON / OFF]) to solve the problem of shooting in MODE M.(Menu> Setup> Live View Display> Setting Effect ON / Setting Effect Off).

As if we were shooting in Studio and Flash Studio , the 1000w is mainly used ISO100, Speed ​​1/160, F-Stop 11 – F-Stop 16 if the Live View Display on the lighting effect of the image is darkened by the . If we set off , it can be seen normally as OVF cameras

Review Sony NEX-7 “Professional Mirrorless Camera”

Review Sony NEX-7 “Professional Mirrorless Camera”.

Sony NEX-7

The success of NEX cameras, the Sony camera sales rose to a almanac . Accept resulted in abounding users add Ekаё¶g . Reinforcing afresh with the 5N and NEX-C3 sales trend during the flood. So in abbreviate accumulation ever.

Back afresh with the NEX-7 camera accession for able camera users . Or austere amateurs . ( No, seriously, not because I ambition added ), Sony put this camera in the Top of the Mirrorless accent by the ambience simple as Camera DSLR with Dial 3 options and appearance of functions that are the videos . I ambition to accept a complete account ever. APS-C admeasurement sensors with a resolution of 24 actor pixels , and Aqua , the accomplished in the bazaar at this time ( 30, 55 ) and added hot beam aloft aloft the physique can not use beam for Sony DSLR . including use in Studio ultra is no botheration with the acceleration of connected cutting up to 10 frames per second.

The continued accessible . Of above calamity in Bangkok . The agenda for December to be adjourned to February 55 by the account that came out afore the humans cat-and-mouse for the accession of this camera a lot . Whether they ambition to plan as a advancement camera or a camera in the allowance , it has not awash it and intend to use DSLR NEX-7 as the capital camera . I annoyed to backpack a abundant camera .

NEX-7 is for whom ? I looked over this camera acceptable for austere photography . And focus instead on the capabilities of a DSLR camera. I accept one chat that this average DSLR with up to a action to complete . And focus on the simple ambience . The amount of the added big-ticket DSLR model, the added is not acceptable for amateur as well.

The Sony NEX is the company’s new introduction


Image sensor, APS-C 1.11 blazon Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor (2.5 x 15.6 mm) focal multiplier of 1.5 .

Number of able pixels 24.3 megapixels accurate .

Size ( Aspect Ratio 3:2) L: 6000 x 4000.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 3:2) M: 4240 x 2832.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 3:2) S: 3008 x 2000.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 16:9) L: 6000 x 3376.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 16:9) M: 4240 x 2400.

Size ( Aspect Ratio 16:9) S: 3008 x 1688.

Size (Sweep Panorama) Wide: accumbent 12416 x 1856 (23M), vertical 5536 x 2160 (12M).

Size (Sweep Panorama) Standard: accumbent 8192 x 1856 (15M), vertical 3872 x 2160 (8.4M).

Recording architecture / superior files, RAW, RAW + JPEG, JPEG Fine, JPEG Standard.

Focus approach AFS, AFC, Manual.

Focusing Arrangement uses Contrast AF.

Auto Focus arrangement has three patterns 25 multi-point , multi-point , Centre-weighted centermost , Fliexible atom is adjustable , Object Tracking Tracking , Face Detection advance faces.

Sony E-mount lenses accessible , and Sony / Minolta A Mount for the Sony Adapter LA-EA2.

Shutter acceleration 30 – 1/ 4000 sec , Bulb.

Metering arrangement metering Zones 1200 – area , center-weighted , spot

Sensitivity (ISO) Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 16000.

Shooting mode, iAuto, Scene Selection, Anti Motion Blur, Sweep Panorama, 3D Sweep Panorama, Manual Exposure, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Program Auto.

Creative Styles: Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night, Autumn Leaves, B & W, Sepia.

SCENE MODE: Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports Action, Sunset, Night Portrait, Night Scene, Hand-held Twilight,.

Picture Effect angel accent asperous ( blush / atramentous and white ) , ablaze colors , like the age-old , some colors ( red , chicken , dejected , green) , atramentous and white , top acuteness , camera cycle , Soft High- key , painting . , atramentous and white tones , images, Mini Anamnesis sticks .

White antithesis Auto WB, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent (Warm white / Cool white / Day) / Blush temperature setting.

Pattern metering Zones 114 zones metering , center-weighted , spot

System of advantage 1/3EV Step В± 5EV.

Sensitivity ambit EV 0 – 18 (ISO100 equivalent).

Continuous cutting at 10 fps and accustomed approach 3-5 images per second.

Spare anamnesis abutment : Fine 17 images , Raw 13 shots , Raw + Jpeg 11 images.

The beam (Flash Guide Number) 6 meters at ISO 100 lens supports 18mm.

Shutter acceleration with beam X Sync 1/160 sec .

Flash Modes Beam off, Autoflash, Fill-flash, Slow Sync., Rear Sync, Wireless.

LCD 3 -inch LCD adviser with 921,600 pixel Xtra Fine LCD with TruBlack awning technology to see 100% advantage up to 85 degrees , down by 45 .

XGA OLED cyberbanking viewfinder and 1.3 cm.

2,359,296 dot resolution .

Gain .1.09 x.

See the abounding 100 %.

Animation files, AVCHD & MPEG-4.

Resolution affective images.

AVCHD: 1080 60i / p up to 28mbps (50i / p in Europe & Asia).

AVCHD: 1080 24i / p up to 24mbps (25i / p in Europe & Asia).

MPEG-4: 1440 x 1080 29.97fps 12mbps.

MPEG-4: 640 x 480 29.97fps.

Sound Recording Arrangement Dolby Digital (AC-3) / MPEG-4 AAC-LC.

Media acclimated for recording. Anamnesis Stick Anamnesis Stick PRO Duo / Anamnesis Stick PRO-HG Duo / SD Anamnesis Agenda / SDHC anamnesis agenda / SDXC anamnesis agenda abutment , top acceleration Class 10 agenda accommodation up to 32 GB.

Connected computer through anchorage USB 2.0 (High Speed).

Connection anchorage HDMI Blazon C.

Microphone jack of 3.5mm.

Battery Blazon Li-ion Array Pack NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion.

EVF and shoot about 310 images on 430 ‘s LCD.

Dimensions 120 x 67 x 43 mm (width acme depth) .

The camera weighs 415 g (including array and agenda ) .